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Lyme Disease and post-covid syndrome

Treat your Lyme Disease and/or post-COVID syndrome, and boost your immune system with high dose Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutathione and NAD.

Post-COVID syndrome protocol consists of 5 infusions of NAD as well as vitamin and amino acid infusions. Glutathione is included in the COVID package.

Each client is treated according to their specific needs.


ALA (alpha lipoic acid) - a fatty acid which can promote nerve health and help with neuropathies (numbness) secondary to chronic conditions such as Lyme disease, diabetes, and fibromyalgia.

Immune Boost


Work Hard. Play Hard.

Our most well-rounded infusion!  Post work-out treatment, pre-treatment before competitions, treat or prevent jet laglow energy from demanding schedule or chemotherapy, poor sleep patterns, night-out overindulgence. 

IV fluids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, 6 different B-vitamins (including B-12).

(If choosing this infusion as you train for competition, we recommend this infusion once a week for a month as a performance enhancer.)

Want an extra boost?

Take our most popular drip & ramp it up with extra Vitamin C & a Glutathione push at the end!

Your skin will love the extra anti-oxidants & will give you that inner glow.


Immune Boost

Right now, more than ever, we are hyper aware of all the germs and viruses out there that are constantly attacking our immune systems and our bodies. 

Give your immune system a boost with one of our most popular specialty infusions. This is a combination of IV fluids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, 6 different B-vitamins, & zinc.

This is great for preventing, minimizing, & recovering faster from colds, flu symptoms, and seasonal allergies. 

Add some glutathione for an added kick!

Immune Boost


  • NAD is vital for cellular metabolism (energy)
  • NAD declines with Age 
  • NAD plays an important role in our sleep cycle. You remember sleep right? That thing you used to get when you were younger and is paramount in pretty much everyone of our biological processes including cellular recovery.
  • NAD has only just become of a major subject of study. Yes we have known about it for over 100 years but it was not until recently that we started studying it's effect on aging. 


Migraine Treatment

IV microdosing of 2 anesthetics plus anti-nausea medicine (see pricing).

You must have a driver!                                     

This takes about 45 minutes & works every time... we will not let you leave hurting!

Migraine Treatment

Hangover Helper

Planning a fun night?  Bachelor party?  Girls night out?  Kick that morning-after feeling to the curb with our hangover helper.....or even better, prevent the morning hangover with pre-treatment!

IV fluids, magnesium, vitamin C, 6 B vitamins, 

2 anti-inflammatories, & anti-nausea.

(10% discount for parties of 6 or more.)

Call ahead!

Hangover Helper

Vit - C

High Dose Vitamin C has so many uses. Currently it's most relevant use is in the prevention and treatment of symptoms of COVID-19.

The antiviral properties as well as it's ability to bolster your immune system, have been known for decades. 

High-Dose Vitamin C is also used as a holistic addition to acute, ongoing, & post cancer treatment. 

This treatment may be done once or twice a week.

Vitamin Treatments

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We are by appointment only and setting an appointment is as easy as clicking the button below or calling us at the number listed.

We are excited to get you started with one of our treatments as we know the benefit they bring to all of our clients. 

Frequently Asked

Currently we do not accept any insurance. 

We do believe everyone should consult their primary physician before beginning any medical treatments. For some of our vitamin treatments and other infusions, it is not required. 

At this time we are by appointment only. 

Currently we offer many types of infusion based therapies for PTSD, Depression, Chronic Pain, Mood Disorders, Vitamin Deficiencies, Hangovers, and many more. Worried about getting the flu or Coronavirus? Get an immune boost. Dealing with Lymes disease? We may be able to help. One of the best ways to find out how we can help, is to call!